Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Once Upon A Time...

I decided last year that I would stop living out of fear & truly walk by faith. Much easier said than done as you can imagine. I left corporate America. That has been by far the bravest act yet. So far (2011) has been this beautiful and crazy ebb and flow of school, work, volunteering & brainstorming for my new venture. Is it easy? Absolutely not. Would I make the same decision again? Yes. Being in corporate America allowed me to indulge in all the things I thought were important at the time.
There is value in that. There is a great deal of satisfaction in that. But what if I could match my natural abilities and talents with my purpose and create a role or position for myself that filled me to the brim? What if I could help people realize one small thing that would help propel them forward? Or offer one word of encouragement to someone who's never been encouraged? Now that is what really resonates with me.

I am finishing my BA in Psychology with a minor in African American Studies. I plan attend grad school for Counseling Psychology.

This blog is simply the prelude to Tina Brown Inc.'s official launch. The vision is big and not even fully complete but this is the start. Through all of this I figure why not document the journey? Sharing is therapy for me. It allows me to sort my ideas and thoughts and speak my dreams into existence.

So, check back in often. I will post stories, suggestions, interesting articles and links for your enjoyment. I will also provide any info regarding workshops and presentations I may be doing. Feel free to comment or share with a friend. Stay tuned!