Sunday, February 19, 2012

Daydreaming?...Wake Up!!

Hello movers & shakers. As promised, I will be blogging about different areas of focus from my upcoming book Focused, Fruitful & Fearless: 3 Principles of Success. Today we visit chapter 2 titled, Focused or Dreaming? If you are anything like me, you enjoy daydreaming and thinking about your future goals and endeavors. This is all well and good until you get to a point where you are fantasizing about goals and not actually pursuing anything. Everything starts with imagination, but then it needs to develop and manifest itself through your actions. Taking action is a very necessary step. Do you have a task list ready? Make one. Have you set short term goals and deadlines to keep you on task? Start a “to-do”list for everyday or every week with items that must be completed. Rank from high priority to low priority. Do not overwhelm yourself, but try to put some order to what you are doing. If something is taking up a lot of your time, but produces nothing – it’s time re-evaluate how you are utilizing your time. If you still find yourself spinning your wheels, here are 2 questions to consider; Do you know what you want? Can you describe in detail what the goal is? That is all for now my friends. Keep dreaming big, but remember to work it!