Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fruitful! V-Blog

Bearing the fruit of your labor...
-Your efforts start to pay off
-Celebrate & share your accomplishments
-Success brings about more success
-Ride the wave & roll with the punches
-Get ready to be noticed
-Listen! Always stay open
-Take inventory & monitor what it takes to produce

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pruning the Vine

Hello there! As we continue to make our way through the chapters of Focused, Fruitful & Fearless, I hope you are finding bits of inspiration to keep you motivated, grounded and on the path to your definition of success. We now enter chapter 3 titled Pruning the Vine. Are you ready for the doors to open and the blessings to pour in? Well get ready. Preparation is key when you take any journey. So whether it’s a degree, a new career or relocation – make sure you are prepared. First of all remove all distractions and debris. This means anything that can derail your focus, including people, bad habits and negative thoughts. Your mind is very powerful and spending time talking against yourself will do you no good. Make room for the opportunity. Ask yourself, if I got what I wanted would my life be able to receive it? Next, build a team of support. Who are your people? This can be parents, siblings, friends, co-workers, mentors or anyone willing to be a sounding board or give great advice. Make a list of people you know you can count on to be honest with you in case you get in over your head. Develop conducive habits and a lifestyle that reflects the end goal. Nothing ever just drops from the sky and those who are well prepared always prevail. Finally, start walking and talking like it’s done. This doesn’t mean you don’t have more work to do but walk forward as if you know it’s going to happen! Prune the vine and get ready.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Daydreaming?...Wake Up!!

Hello movers & shakers. As promised, I will be blogging about different areas of focus from my upcoming book Focused, Fruitful & Fearless: 3 Principles of Success. Today we visit chapter 2 titled, Focused or Dreaming? If you are anything like me, you enjoy daydreaming and thinking about your future goals and endeavors. This is all well and good until you get to a point where you are fantasizing about goals and not actually pursuing anything. Everything starts with imagination, but then it needs to develop and manifest itself through your actions. Taking action is a very necessary step. Do you have a task list ready? Make one. Have you set short term goals and deadlines to keep you on task? Start a “to-do”list for everyday or every week with items that must be completed. Rank from high priority to low priority. Do not overwhelm yourself, but try to put some order to what you are doing. If something is taking up a lot of your time, but produces nothing – it’s time re-evaluate how you are utilizing your time. If you still find yourself spinning your wheels, here are 2 questions to consider; Do you know what you want? Can you describe in detail what the goal is? That is all for now my friends. Keep dreaming big, but remember to work it!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Where To Start

I’ve made a decision – in an effort to help push me to finish my book, at least one of my blog posts per month will focus on a chapter from my upcoming book. Focused, Fruitful and Fearless is a book of principles I use and have been using as I transition careers and make the most of my gifts. I hope by sharing my journey that I will encourage, inspire and motivate you to move forward.

The first chapter is titled Where to Start. The truth is, you can start whenever or however you want. The journey is yours to take, always take control of your definition of success. Think about or write down your natural talents and abilities. What is your dream job or career? What can you see yourself doing well? What is a recurring theme in the work you do? What do you find yourself drawn to?

Perhaps, by posing these questions to yourself you may discover something new. Or you may come back to what you already know. Either way, do something with it. Even if it’s starting a blog! Nurture the gift, cultivate the talent. You may be surprised with the result. So today my friends, I urge you to move.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Home Is Where The Heart Is

I went home for the holidays and stayed an extended visit so I could be present for my father's retirement celebration. I was very anxoius about my visit. How would I get anything done while I was away? Would I pack enough without over-packing? Would my home be safe? All in all everything worked out well & I have learned some things fix themselves when you stop worrying. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. Coffee time with my mom, watching daytime television together, her random & witty advice, making her laugh at my ridiculous catch phrases never gets old. The same with my father, him telling me old jokes & schooling me on how things used to be makes me remember how far I have come. My sisters are my anchors. One on either side to help keep me grounded. Very different spirits, but each one just as important. Everyone in their own way is responsible for who I am today. (Thanks family!)

What was even more interesting is that I thought I would be tired, fatigued & tapped out when I returned. This was alarming as the new semester starts tomorrow for school. But what actually happened is to my complete surprise. The extended time with my family served as a fuel for me. They poured into me in ways they didn't realize. Encouraging ideas I had, asking about details of my new venture which made me talk about it & therefore speak it into existence. Sometimes all you need to move forward is to share. Sharing my dream for Tina Brown Inc., my vision and long term goals made it more real than jotting down thoughts in my handy notebook. And when you least expect it, encouragement from dear loved ones, the ones who know you best can go a long way. So instead of being tired, fatigued & disoriented, I am restored, excited & renewed for the new year. I am ready to take on 2012.

My thought for you this evening is to share your dream with someone close to you. Don't assume they won't listen or have good feedback. When you share your vision or passion it's like leaving a little piece of yourself with them. Don't have any expectations & you may learn something new. I learned home is where the heart is.