Monday, January 23, 2012

Where To Start

I’ve made a decision – in an effort to help push me to finish my book, at least one of my blog posts per month will focus on a chapter from my upcoming book. Focused, Fruitful and Fearless is a book of principles I use and have been using as I transition careers and make the most of my gifts. I hope by sharing my journey that I will encourage, inspire and motivate you to move forward.

The first chapter is titled Where to Start. The truth is, you can start whenever or however you want. The journey is yours to take, always take control of your definition of success. Think about or write down your natural talents and abilities. What is your dream job or career? What can you see yourself doing well? What is a recurring theme in the work you do? What do you find yourself drawn to?

Perhaps, by posing these questions to yourself you may discover something new. Or you may come back to what you already know. Either way, do something with it. Even if it’s starting a blog! Nurture the gift, cultivate the talent. You may be surprised with the result. So today my friends, I urge you to move.


  1. This is a great message and I definitely needed to hear that today! Thank you Tina for the uplift and encouragement. Stay Blessed!

    1. Thanks Melkadas! I appreciate it. Glad you found it uplifting. ;)