Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February : Love Is In The Air

Dear TBI Blog Friends,
As promised I am posting a little something in lieu of Valentine's Day. This day of love seems to always bring about a bit of anxiousness and feelings of obligation. How do you show someone you love them? How do you let them know how you really feel. What if you feel like you can't afford to do something fabulous? Maybe this will ease your fears.  Everyone expresses love and affection in different ways and everyone internalizes love and affection in different ways. One healthy way to figure out your partner is to take the 5 Love Languages quiz online. This short and simple quiz will help you and your partner determine your love styles. It's free and it's fun.

Another simple thing to do is to repeat an activity that in the past you know put a smile on your partner's face. It can be anything such as cooking a favorite meal, a great massage, helping them organize a room or writing them a poem. There is no need to feel the pressure to go out and spend money you may not have or be extravagant when you're not sure of their response. Be creative! And remember most of us want to know that we are loved, we are valued and that we matter. And that goes for any time of the year. Make everyday a mini Valentine's Day.

See below a quick recipe that you can indulge in on V-Day.

I Love You Berry Much

1 pound cake (baked or store bought)
1 bag frozen mixed berries (add some honey to sweeten & bring out flavor)
1 container of Cool Whip (try the sugar free)

Slice pound and arrange in an overlapping circle on a plate. Scoop a generous serving of Cool Whip over pound cake. After thawing, top with mixed berries. If there are extra berries, drop them in the bottom your wine glass for added flair. Enjoy!

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